WELCOME!! Looking for Rescue/Patrol Apparatus? Look no further than Midwest, We're your "SOLE SOURCE" builder of platforms which far exceed the Recreational T-BAR type hulls/Fiberglass hulls in performance, survivability & reliability!


Sometimes I feel like our boat are like the fashion industry. A designer comes out with a different style or design and everyone criticizes it, but as soon as its popularity grows, other designers take advantage and introduce similar fashion statements. I'll never forget when our boats with cabins first came out onto the marketplace. You didn't see airboats with cabins, only flimsy canvas tops which gave no protection from the harsh environment, let alone a boat constructed like ours! We got every criticism imaginable from the "recreational" manufactures from Florida to Texas and the Midwest simply because they had no imagination in the construction of their boats nor did they provide such "unique" features as we did! FAST FORWARD TO TODAY....the same things we were criticized for are being reproduced by these manufacturers.

To remain in our "niche" as the most innovative manufacture of airboats and because we are tired of being copied on a daily basis, we are excited for some new designs to surface in 2021 which consists of our S.C.A.D. PRO cabin series which is stream-lined, more aerodynamic, cost effective to reproduce and a futuristic design that will be admired for years to come. Our HDX MOD-RF Hull featuring our HD FLO-MAX LFX2 Technology which is structurally integrated into our patented hull has well advanced from our first 2009 introduction of flotation in airboats, providing a cleaner look than the flotation collar attempts being used today which aren't suitable for severe wintry, icy conditions and are a dangerous obstacle for rescue airboats. Every 10 years in the fashion industry designs are brought back but in our case, give it a few minutes and you are sure to see similarities of MRA designs all over the web!

NEW TO 2021! Due to the political times and shrinking budgets, Midwest Rescue Airboats has been inundated with calls from clients looking for a reliable commercial grade airboat within their budget. Midwest is answering this demand by bringing back our past building options of steering stick control, side by side pilot/co-pilot seating with center consoles, stainless steel cages and engine stands, more affordable trailer options, forward seating option and many others. We are also building for the private/recreational sector. If interested in our product, please know that you will be quoted for our patented commercial grade hull which may cost more, but will last.... not the T-BAR disposable recreational hull. Available in 20ft & above!

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Years of R&D advancement brings to our client base the New Gen7 HDX Platform! Where the other airboat manufactures choose to stay in the past by offering the "same old" simplistic designs....Midwest continues to advance ahead in the present by constructing and bringing to our client base "unique". "one-of-a-kind" and never seen before designs! The Southern Style "open hull" airboats constructed with T-BAR structure need to stay in the classification of "recreational". Even though these manufactures attempt to "dress up" their boats with canvas tops, department decaling, adding a few more T-BARS for strength and telling their potential clients that it is a Commercial platform, it remains a RECREATIONAL platform for strictly summer use! When replacing these existing recreational boats, we have seen the bent hull sides and hatch compartments, metal patching and multiple weld repairs in an attempt to repair this damage caused by ice operations performed in an inferior hull. When buying what is thought to be a "fair market price" platform, this only produces for the purchasing department numerous repairs and financial burden and in the end having to replace the platform after two winters. Midwest Rescue Airboat's platform might be higher priced then the other manufactures, but not because of the name, but because of the superior internal structure and proven hull survivability in the extreme conditions in which you operate. Don't settle for the "cookie cutter" easy build for sale volume and cheaper option....buy from Midwest and own a platform that will still be going strong 10+ years from now!

"I have heard from so many clients that they chose Midwest Rescue Airboats because they no longer felt safe operating in their current platform because of the worry of 'swamping', not a safe platform for operation in high waves and they find the hull is not built for ice because of the continual weld breaks and repairs seen at inspection after ice operations at which time the decision is made to only operate the platform on frozen ice where breaking through does not exist. The realization becomes clear to the department that the boat they purchased was 'dressed up in a commercial costume' by the manufacture knowing full well it isn't intended for the 'commercial standards' for which it was sold to but looks good participating in a parade. We will continue to 'leave our mark in the airboat industry' with our advanced designing capabilities! Our MMCP will be known for it's proven reinforced hull patent design for years to come."

---Matt Cain, MRA Designer