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*Single and multiple engine designs with gas/diesel engines
*Air lift capable
*Independent or combined drives for operation of fire pumps, etc
*Independent or combined hydraulic systems for a wide variety of
attachments & special "add-on" features, such as wheel-deployable
*Vessels with 7.2, 7.3 & 8.3 bows for SS3  sea-state conditions
*Vessels compartmentalized with sealed compartments & foam for
*Models available in Level II & III ballistics
*Smaller models available for container shipping
*Double redundant power and drive systems
NEW!! Can be outfitted with our "Out Reach" drone package for
extending the ECP's capabilities
Midwest is well known for building specialty platforms......call our
design/build team today!
Platforms(ECP). MRA was put to the task of combining a jet
drive into an airboat platform. This combination of unique
drives joining with a single power plant brings superior
operating capabilities into one vessel. This ECP airjet
combination has been made possible due to a key element of
the design which is the ECC(Enhanced Capable Cartridge)that
allows the vessel to operate in deep coastal waters and up to
SS3 conditions, as well as in shallow waters & mud flats with
a push of a button, transforming the vessel into a dual
purpose craft....providing you with the best of both worlds!
MRA was also challenged in its combining of the platforms to
make the craft more manueverable with reverse, idle &
breaking capabilities
not seen in airboats. The ECP is also available in multi
airboat engine and jet configurations, standard jet
configuration as well as up to 14' wide to 30' long platforms
for a wide variety of applications.
Available to the
following agencies
*Border Patrol
*Port Security
*Harbor Security/Patrol
*Airport Surveillance
*Fire Departments
*Coastal Patrol
ECP Single Engine T-Drive Airboat/Jet  w/Enviro-Shield
ECP Single Engine T-Drive Airboat/Jet Fire Boat
ECP Single Engine T-Drive Airboat/Jet  Survelliance
ECP Cockpit Layout
ECP Single Jet Military
ECP Twin Engine Airboat/Jet Configuration